dear sir:

thank you for giving me the chance to interview and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you。 my name is…,born in 1980, …city, …province。 i major in ……and i will graduate from the…… medical university in july, 20XX。 hope a chance to work and develop in your department。 during the past three years, under the strict guidance of my tutor, professor ……in college of ………, i have learned systematically the theory of profession and got the basic manipulative skills about ……

with the help of my supervisor, i have successfully finished the subject “……… ” and grasped some experimental skill , such as cell culture, dna extraction and other molecular biology technique; abstraction, separation, …… i passed the cet band 6 test in2002, after that, i tried my best to learn medical english and mastered a lot of professional vocabulary。

i am good at listening, speaking, reading and writing。 i can manipulate computer proficiently and master microsoft office software, also be familiar with spss and photoshop, etc。 during three—year study in research, i studied hard and strived for excellence in our field。 i benefit from working together with excellent colleague。 i developed quality of diligence, responsibility, kindness and honesty。 my internship in college of 。

could qualify me for this job, and i believe i can be fit for the position quickly。 i am looking forward to working in your department。 if i am admitted, i will be thankful and try my best to work for you。

thank you very much。