good afternoon, everyone.

good afternoon.

welcome to the XX hit graduate level english speech final competition.

to start with, wed like to briefly introduce the whole process of the competition.

from sep.,2300 graduates have participated in this competition, of those, more than70 took part in the semi-final and today we have10 outstanding speakers to compete in the final round.

at first, with great honor, wed like to introduce the guests at present.

theyre ...

we are honored to have you here, and we hope you can enjoy yourselves today.

next, let me introduce the judges of todays contest.

theyre ...

thank you for being a part of the competition.

now, lets welcome professor ... to give us the opening address.


thank you professor ...

let me introduce the rules of todays contest. according to the performance of every contestant,7scores will be given by our7judges, the fullmark is100.

the final score is the average excluding one of the highest and one of the lowest scores.

after the competition rules, lets meet our contestants, and welcome all of them to the stage now.

each of youll have30 seconds to introduce yourself.

ok. all contestants have finished their introductions.

(turn to contestants)

we all look forward to your wonderful performances, and we wish you the best of luck.

now, the XX hit graduate level english speech final competition formally start.

please welcome contestant ...


thank you

judges, question please.


judges, please show your scores.


let me announce, the scores of are ...

ok. lets welcome ...


question please.


let me announce the final score of is ...

please give your scores.


the scores of are ...

ok, lets welcome ...