Dear Sirs,    We confirm dispatch of your order for Indian rugs,and give the below packing arrangements to facilitate discharge at your end.    The letter A,B,and C represent sub marks on the ship’s stowage plan.    A.200 Sheets(red) B. 500 sheets (blue)C.300 sheets(yellow).    We trust the consignment arrives in good order and give you complete satisfaction.    Yours faithfully,    中文对照    敬启者:    现去函确认贵方订购的印度小地毯已发运。为使贵方卸货方便,特作下列包装处理:船装载图案,字母A.B.C代表下列标志。    A.200块(红色) B.500块(蓝色)C.300块(黄色)    我们相信,该寄售产品会完整无缺运达,并令贵方完全满意。    ×××敬上