Gentlemen:    Through the courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry,HongKong,we have your name as a firm who is interested in doing business with us,in this market.We have been exporting and importing general merchandise of many years and can say that we have many satisfied customers and friends.    We are enclosing herewith one of our price-lists for your examination.This is several weeks old and therefore the prices are not in line with today’s market.However,we are sending this so that you may acquaint yourselves with some of the items we handle.Due to lack of time and space,we have not been able to include all the commodities we can offer and we therefore ask that you make your inquiries for any items that do not appear on the list.We would also appreciate receiving details regarding the commodities we can offer and we are therefore certain that business can be consummated between us.    If you are not interested in taking advantage of the offerings on the list,please be good enough to forward it to some of your friends or a firm,who may be interested in these items.With kindest regards,we remain.    Yours very truly,    中文对照    敬启者:    从香港工商会获悉贵司名称,知贵司拟在本市场与我进行交易。我司从事一般商品进出口业务已多年,在商界赢得众顾客和朋友们的赞誉。    现随函附寄我价格表一份,请参考。虽然此表已过时数周,其价格亦可能不适于当今市场,但我所以寄上此表是为了使贵司了解一下我司所经营的项目。由于时间和篇幅所限,我不能将所有可提供的商品全部列入表中,为此,贵司对表中未列项目感兴趣,请发来询函。如能收到贵方对我商品提出详细要求,将不胜感激,确信你我双方能圆满地达成交易。    若贵方对我表中所列报价无兴趣,亦请转告对此感兴趣的朋友或公司为盼。顺致最良好的祝愿。    ×××敬上