I spent about four dags to read this book “A FAREWELL TO ARMS”of Ernest Hemingway.

This book described : a boy Henry came from America.He arrives at the Italian battlefield to enter a war.In Germany’s and Australian’s war, he gets to know a beautiful nurse come from England Catherine.Barkley. He wounded period,Catherine look after Henry is very carefully. He has fallen in love with her. Henry restores to health and come back to front. Italian’s army is failed,but when ong time retreats is taken for is the German spies unexpectedly but is shot nearly. His only good jumps into the river escapes,and decided that is separated from the war. In order to get rid of military police’s cupturing. He and Catherine brave the rain and wind in deep in the night,in the waterway feel from home switzerland. In that,they passed a section happy and the tranquil life. Catherine dies of the different labor, baby also suffocates perishes. Henry is lonely in the world, he is deeply grieved,wants to cry but have no tears.

This book pointed out profoundly their happiness and love were pushed to by the war the deconstruction the abyss.

“A FAREWELL TO ARMS”is an American modern famous writer Hemingway’s devoting. The subject opposes the war. This work symbolizes that Hemingway creates the style uniquely the formation, holds the important position in the American history of literature and even the world history of literaure.

Under the formidable war background, concerns national and collective destiny and the honor time, individual all are such not worthy of mentioning. Perhaps gradually will retreat its trace to a national war along with the years, but to an ordinary ordinary person, a bullet sufficiently will change his only life.

I think perhaps the man most sorrowful is inside this actor's final feeling, originally is most own two people simultaneously leaves himself.

" A FAREWELL TO ARMS " this novel quite successful, makes one feel clear credible, this is and the author has attended the First World War personally, and has been seriously injured, has stayed in the hospital, has the personal life to experience and directly felts the experience not to be able to separate. In performance method, what the author uses is the Chinese reader very familiar novel skill, namely lets character own words and deeds move the reader, but does not make any discussion, he is also good at causing the scenery and the plot, the character organically fuses in together, achieves serves the plot, character's positive effect. The novel is popular in the language aspect writing, uses some basic vocabularies, the sentence type to be simple mostly, mostly uses Jian Danju. Anglicizing, is very good, therefore is good for both young and old, appeals to both cultured and popular tastes, this is the artistic achievement which this novel obtains.

" A FAREWELL TO ARMS "opposed that war’s distinct subject and the mature artistic skill have had the emormous influence,the greatest degree had reflected after First World War,a youth generation the mood which visits the fear and is at a loss,is all the rage the world very quickly.


Before I read this book, I had watched a cartoon movie made by Japan. So I have a strong interest on it.

It all begins in the dead of winter; The Christmas Season. The coldest one of all, were the war has made fuel for heating very scarce. While her husband is off at war, Marmee is left alone to raise their four daughters: Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy.

On Christmas Eve, Marmee has just arrived home from passing out food to the less fortunate with a letter from her husband, the girls' father. The all gather together around the fire to read the letter. Afterwards, the girls are teary eyed. Marmee kisses them and they are off to bed.

Jo is longing to become a writer. So, every night she stays up late writing the script for soap operas. As morning comes she is the last one awake. The table is set, and food prepared for their Christmas feast.

As dusk falls, the girls are all up in the attic acting out Jo's play, which she reads from the local (fake) newspaper. As they are performing, their rich, next-door neighbors grandson watches from the window.

The 2 oldest girls: Jo and Meg, get ready to attend the Christmas Ball. While Jo is curling Meg's hair, there is a strange smell to the air. Amy screams, Megs hair is being singed. They continue digging through the old clothes bin for a pair of white gloves.

One of the prominent themes in Little Women is the coming of age or maturation of the girls. During the course of the novel we see them grow in many ways -- physically, intellectually, and especially emotionally. One question which readers must ask themselves is whether the views the characters have on the coming of age process are shared by Alcott. If they aren't, what are Alcott's views and how do they differ from those of the women in her story?

It is interesting to examine the last half of Chapter 20, "Confidential." Jo addresses the maturation issue as she speaks with Marmee of the situation between Meg and Mr. Brooke. The possible love between these two represents one of the very important aspects in coming of age for a teenage girl. Jo treats this natural process as if it were some sort of disease, however. Jo cannot understand why Meg would want to stop behaving "like a sensible creature" (p.202), and refers to love as "such nonsense."














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